Netizens Are Swooning Upon Kylie Jenner’s Recent Picture On Instagram

Kylie Jenner has been in the news numerous times because of her pictures. And similarly this time too she has made the whole internet swooning over her Instagram post. But the one thing that is different from other times is that this time it’s not her picture that made it go viral. It is even better. The picture is of Stormi who is Kylie’s little daughter. Stormi is about a year old and she is already grabbing so much limelight.

The adorable picture that Kylie shared of Stormi on Instagram showed her wearing some cute baggy cloths along with sneakers. She certainly looked cute and adorable. Kylie Jenner shared the picture with a caption that reads, “Love of my life.” In this post, Corey Gamble, who is Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend commented by saying, “Me too”. Apparently Stormi is everyone’s favorite and everyone showers her with love and blessings.

A source who is pretty close to the family has revealed, “Right now Kylie is focusing on herself and her daughter and co-parenting and those are really her only concerns,”

As revealed by a source to a famous magazine, “Kylie Jenner hasn’t at all struggled as a single mom. She’s thriving and though she has help from nannies, she is very hands-on, changing diapers, and taking Stormi to the local park. She’s spotted often walking Stormi in her toy cars or a stroller in her neighborhood with a bodyguard multiple times a week.” This was revealed three months before her split from Travis Scott.###


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