Taylor Swift opens up about her relationship with food and it wasn’t full of butterflies!

Recently, Taylor Swift had a word with Variety where she revealed her relationship with food quite boldly, not caring about what the industry and the fans might think about her. 

For a long time, Swift has been criticized for being too skinny on the camera, despite her millions of fan following. To utter surprise, the rumor reached her ears and she couldn’t stop but opened her mouth to speak about the fact. revealed

In one of the segments of a Netflix film, she took a few minutes and said how she has struggled with her appetite in the past. Swift expressed that it was never a good experience for her to see herself on the media objects as she has always faced great criticisms because of her figure. 

She said that once the impression of a particular food gets registered in her head, she hardly moved from her conclusion, or had thought of bringing a change into it. 

She said that her mood and attitude revealed quite a great deal about her present physical state and revealed that she has spent her days being very conscious about food. She was always taught that without a nice figure, one cannot come to the limelight and now she realized how wrong was that. ###


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