Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive a strong message from Queen Elizabeth regarding Loyalty

Even in the age of media and entertainment, Queen Elizabeth has never been quite vocal about her feelings. She, being a member of the royal family, has always tried to maintain dignity. But, if noticed carefully, even after her numerous attempts she couldn’t stop these clues from going out. 

Recently, Queen Elizabeth came up with some important insight into her grandson Prince William. Recently, the Queen met the Duke of Cambridge on an appointment and it points out how much she is serious and knowledgeable about her grandson’s loyalty towards the crown. 

From the beginning of her reigning period, Queen Elizabeth valued unity and entity among ye family members more than anything else because she has always wanted to maintain peace. Now, her grandson is also walking in the same footsteps which definitely shows his sincerity towards the throne. 

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth is till now dealing with the fallout from her son who was renowned as Prince Andrew. The disgraced royal was forced to resign from his position in the royal family after giving a disastrous interview to explain his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. ###


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