Epson Extends InkTank Collection In India

Epson Extends InkTank Collection In India

It is not just handset brands that are lining up to roll out new devices. Epson has branched out its portfolio of InkTank printer in India with the roll out of 5 models below the A4 Wi-Fi devices with incorporated InkTanks. The new printers of InkTank contain 5 models namely L4160, L4150, L6170, L6160, and L6190 with a price tag of Rs 17,299, Rs 15,499, Rs 21,799, Rs 20,399, and Rs 24,099 respectively.


The L4160, L4150, and L6160 offer scan, print, and copy features, the L6190 and L6170 provide Fax with automatic feature of document feeder too. The utmost scan resolution of all the devices is 1200 x 2400 dpi, while the utmost print resolution of L4160 and L4150 is 5760 x 1440 dpi with a 1 Year of guarantee or 30,000 pages whichever is in advance and the L6170, L6160, and L6190 has utmost print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi with a 1 Year of warranty or 50,000 pages whichever is in advance. Out of the 5 printers rolled out, the L4150 provides the feature of duplex printing. As per the firm, the latest models provide a low-price printing at 20 Paise for Color composite and 12 Paise for B&W. The printers are stated to give 6,000 color pages and 7,500 B&W pages for each full set of 4 bottles of ink.

Speaking on the roll out, General Manager at Epson India for Inkjet Printers, Siva Kumar, claimed, “We have refreshed the experience of our L range of InkTank devices to bring greater ease of use and convenience, as well as included new functions that back the business requirement of our users.

The new incorporated InkTank printers are perfect for users with Wi-Fi printing requirements and similar to previous Epson InkTank printers, carry on to provide very low printing prices.”



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