Hyperhidrosis – How to Address it?

If you are into the social arena of work like modelling or similar areas of life, one of the symptoms you would want to avoid is Hyperhidrosis. If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis, you may definitely be looking ahead to find ways to address it. Here area few tips that may help you arrive at the right solutions.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Put in simple words; hyperhidrosis refers to an excessive sweating. This can happen in any area of your body. However, excessive sweating in face, hands and underarms can be quite detrimental for your public appearances and social life. Whether a red carpet event or an office presentation, Hyperhidrosis can be a risky affair. More than that, it would be a terrible experience.

If you want to address it, there are two methods available depending upon the exact condition you may be facing. One of the best options that can help you manage your excessive sweating would include Botox injections. If you are finding that the Hyperhidrosis is affecting your daily activities to a devastating effect, it may be quite practical enough to consider Botox injections.

However, there are several evaluations involved in the proper treatment of the excessive sweating. It will involve the study of the causes and triggers for the issue. This is followed by the complete analysis of step by step treatment. In extreme cases, the miraDry technique is used to kill the sweat glands permanently. However, this may be the last resort and should not be something you should focus on.

You can even check out the options like antiperspirants (which are commonly available over the counter), oral medications, and laser therapy. In some extreme cases, experts may suggest surgery referred to as thoracic sympathectomy. However, do note that this is used as a last resort and should not be something you should opt for the mild cases of Hyperhidrosis.###


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