Sante Fe school: Gunfire teacher’s news reported as a trick

A person who pretended to be a replacement teacher and survivor of a school shooting in Texas during 2018 truly had never served at the school, officials declare.

David Briscoe informed news reporters that he had shielded students from outrage while serving at Santa Fe High School, where 10 people were shot.

The Texas Tribune exposed the fact following his false allegations on Monday.

However, the Wall Street Journal and a few others have now published his deceptions.

Mr. Briscoe informed CNN at the time he had been teaching English during when he happens to hear screaming and gunshots.

He stated he had barred his classroom door with tables and desks, set off the lights and directing his students to go down.

“It seemed like hours before we got out of the school, but one of my students told it was 30 to 45 minutes,” Mr. Briscoe reported the news reporter.

“I had roughly 10 to 15 students and I’m thankful they were protected.”

Recently this Monday, Texas Tribune Journalist Alexandra Samuels unveiled Mr. Briscoe had communicated her in April 2019 to do a follow-up study in light of current suicides by mass gunfire survivors.

She states she spoke to him on the phone for 31 minutes, during which he pretended to have “resign teaching after the killing” and had grown pessimistic.

He said “just knowing that there’s blood on the walls” meant he could not go back to the school.

The “crazy fantasy” stirred her doubts and the journalist reached the local school board who verified no one of his names had ever served in the district.

A student is in imprisonment facing murder charges for the murder of eight other students and two teachers in the May 2018 attack, the fourth most violent shooting at a US school in records.

The Texas Tribune states that public documents show Mr. Briscoe’s only home address is listed in Florida.

Some real stories that held his accounts have been reviewed by reporters following the accusations surfaced on Monday.

After tweeting regarding the gunfire at the moment, the account @Daviddbriscoe was cornered by the reporters.

Mr. Briscoe insisted on a private Twitter message to have been a teacher at the school who had got frightened and had left the picture. The reporters did not track him more or exercise any of his quotes in their coverage.

Social media wields recorded to his name have now been deactivated or had their names swapped.



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