In a way to spite Obama, the recent exposure challenges Trump discarded Iran nuclear agreement…

As per the leaked note which was drafted by the UK’s former representative in the US, Mr. Trump ditched the Iran nuclear agreement to spite Barack Obama.

Sir Kim Darroch portrayed the movement as a scene of “opportunistic spoliation”, as per the reports.

The document states the memo was drafted after the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged the US in 2018 to hold with the nuclear agreement.

The recent leak appeared despite the police cautioning about disclosure.

The initial memos probing President Trump’s presidency, which surfaced a week ago, provoked a violent backlash from the US president and succeeded in Sir Kim quitting from his role.

What can we draw from the newest news?

As per the reports, Sir Kim drafted writing to Mr. Johnson notifying him President Trump seemed to have rejected the nuclear agreement for “personality reasons” – as the pact had been accepted by his Democrat predecessor, Barack Obama.

In this agreement, Iran accepted to curb its sensitive nuclear activities in return for the lifting of crippling economic consents.

Still, President Trump stated he did not believe that the agreement spread far away rather in halting Iran’s nuclear hopes and redeemed US consents after retracting from the agreement in May 2018.

The British ambassador’s note is supposed to have highlighted separations amongst US presidential advisors; he drafted that the White House did not have a “day-to-day” plan of how to advance regarding the withdrawal from the contract.

The administration has also ejected an internal Whitehall examination into the leak.



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