Defense Alert: The Longitude Festival

There are puzzles over why the US embassy in the Republic of Ireland said American residents to bypass a music festival due to a risk of “savagery”.

Well, The Longitude festival is falling for about three consecutive days during the weekend at Marlay Park in south Dublin.

Gardaí (Irish police) stated there was a “great atmosphere” at the event on Friday and “no disturbance scaled up”.

The festival promoter stated the US embassy’s advice was “ahead ludicrous”, responds the regional reporters.

“There are added mysteries than solutions, to request that old blues song,” answered Denis Desmond of MCD Productions.

‘Party sprung’

On Friday, The US embassy in Dublin declared the intimation on its official website.

It headlined the message as a “safety alert” and urged US residents to “bypass Marlay Park and the neighborhoods circling the park”.

The embassy also alleged that “statements register a risk of heat at the Longitude festival”.

“Police are conscious of the menace and will conduct thorough bag and person hunts,” it continued.

Still, on the very day, Garda Síochána (Irish police force) declared on its Twitter account that “the party has begun at Longitude”.

Further, posted images of many officials “fascinating in the party mood with revelers”.

For about a pretty long years, Marlay Park which covers a land of a 300-acre space, located in a semi-urban park at Rathfarnham, south Dublin, has been entertaining with great music festivals.

This weekend’s festival highlights more than 50 performances and is highlighted by rapper Stormzy and singer-songwriter Anne-Marie.

US residents who could not bypass Marlay Park have been suggested by the embassy to “hold a low profile” and “inform friends and family of your security”.

‘Festival patrolled duly’

Mr. Desmond stated there was “something not joining up about all this”, as per the reports. “I don’t understand it completely,” he added.

“Almost 35,000 people are here having a great time and there are no concerns whatsoever.”

The festival is “signifying policed happily regarding normal security risk assessment”, officers continued.###


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