Jennifer Lopez Is Heartbroken After She Had To Reschedule Her Show Due To NYC Blackout

Due to a sudden blackout in New York City, Jennifer Lopez cancels her show. The 49 years old singer and songwriter was performing at Madison Square Garden when suddenly her background lights started flickering. The audience was immediately told to leave the venue for safety reasons. She shared on social media that how the sudden power cut on Saturday left her heartbroken and devastated as she had to cancel her show. She was feeling bad for her fans who were excited to see her performance but she promised that soon she will be rescheduling her show and those fans will not be left disappointed.

Photo Credit: Sheknows

Jennifer Lopez is currently doing a tour named “It’s My Party”. She was recently performing at Madison Square Garden, during her second performance at the venue, the background lights started flickering due to a sudden blackout in the New York City. Jennifer Lopez had to cancel her show. Soon she informed her fans on Instagram that she is equally heartbroken by the unfortunate incident but she soon will be rescheduling the show.

The sudden blackout in New York city left 72,000 citizens powerless. The powercut mostly affected the upper west area and midtown. After Jennifer Lopez assured fans that they will definitely get their money’s worth as she is going to reschedule her canceled show, many people from the internet, even the famous ones appreciated her for her decisiveness and they were impressed that J-Lo came forward and handled the situation very well even though the situations were out of her control.###


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