What is ETIAS and How Will it Affect You?

If you have been a constant visitor to Europe, you will find that two years down the lane, you will have to abide by yet another travel regulation. Yes, we are talking about the ETIAS, that will come into effect from 2021. It is a type of visa waiver system, and almost similar to the similar restrictions like ESTA followed the US.

Well, if you are a traveller who needs a normal visa to visit the countries in the European Union, you will not be affected in any way by the new ETIAS regime. The new regime or travel authorisation will be applicable for the citizens from the visa free countries that did not have to opt for a Visa formality. The visa free functionality remains unaffected, but you will need to opt for the ETIAS documentation if you are looking to visit the country. Come 2021, and the new regulation will be in force.

The ETIAS authorisation can be obtained through an online process and a payment of nominal fees. The online process needs you to enter your details like name, date of birth and other essential information and answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes a few questions that you need, to be honest enough to answer and need to complete it within the stipulated time frame.

The ETIAS once obtained will be valid for a period of three years and entitles you to opt for a short stay of 90 days in any of the countries that belong to the Schengen zone. During the period of your stay, you cannot take up any other activities than studies and business. You cannot take up a job or indulge in to any sort of studies.

You just need a stable internet connection, a valid passport, and an email address to receive the ETIAS authorisation. If you are feeling it difficult to get to the fact of the ETIAS approval, you can consult the agencies that help you submit your application for the ETIAS.



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