How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

Flowers are perishable. While they are fresh and provide an excellent look and appearance to your surroundings, they tend to wilt and dry quite soon. There are several attempts made to make them last longer, but most of them have limited efficiency. Especially the cut flowers can be quite difficult to handle.

Here are a few tips that can help you arrive at the best possible preservation techniques for the cut flowers. The Australian Cut Flower Industry experts believe that these tips should be extremely helpful enough –

  • Never ever use the dead scissors to cut the flower stems. They tend to crush the stem than cutting it. Cutting them under the water may be a more perfect option.
  • Once cut, make sure you keep them in the deep water and wait for a considerable time before moving it to the shallower water.
  • Piercing the stem with the needle can be the best option to avoid it from forming an airlock.
  • Yet another excellent option would be to cut the stem at an angle and pouring hot water on it.

Lemonade is yet another great solution that can help you make the cut flowers last longer. The lemonade contains sugar, and this can assist in the nourishment of the plants. Horticulturists claim that lemonade can make the flowers keep blooming for a long time. Vodka can also be a great option from that perspective. Vodka stops the growth of bacteria and thus keeps the water clean. This will further ensure that the flowers remain fresher for a prolonged period of time.

The major trick that helps you keep the cut flowers fresh for a longer period is to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth. In addition to that, you should also provide it with an environment for abetter growth. Changing the water in the vase can be one of the best options to do it.###


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