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Social media marketing is no longer viable for differentiation from competition nor brings exclusivity and privilege to the brand. In today’s markets, competition is fierce and companies using the same marketing channels as other will just put their brand down the trash.

How to retain exclusivity and privilege while doing marketing? How to differentiate? How to stand out from local markets? Questions asked by an average daily marketer. What is the solution? 

Getting back to the traditional news and putting that company name in the newspaper or magazine is what makes a difference. Getting featured on top leading business magazines is one thing which is not easy to get and yet it is still an exclusive advantage to have for businesses. 

You can now skip the line of pitching and press release distribution. Using Stankevicius Interactive Media platform, companies can publish articles directly into global media. Stankevicius Interactive Media has a global database of media channels around the world enabling companies to see the full available list as well as select the favorites and just simply publish the article.

The platform was created by a PR company, Stankevicius MGM. Stankevicius MGM aims to disrupt the PR industry through an interactive media technology solution. Stankevicius said to the media earlier that PR industry has been lacking of technological advancement in terms of making the process easier for companies to get editorial articles published in global media. Stankevicius strongly believes that the interactive media platform can help private companies and startups grow branding awareness on a global scale. ###


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