A Louisiana Man And His Links With Listed Deaths

A 22-year-old man named Sean Barrette was suspected to have links with 3 random shootings in New Orleans suburbs, but ballistic evidence finds him to the fourth shooting in the city premises for which he has been arrested on Tuesday.

This has been confirmed by a sheriff from Louisiana on Wednesday.

Well, Sean Barrette has been charged for two first degree murders on Tuesday and one-second degree murder at Metairie intersection on late Monday.

Turned out, Sean Barrette had an association with another prevailed shooting death  on 6 June in Eastern New Orleans on Wednesday.

Police have not able to associate the link between the victims and the suspect and believe that he randomly picked his targets for shooting. It was confirmed that Sean Barrette has a history of Mental disorder.

On late Monday, the shooting steered at Metairie intersection. The victim was noted as Isai Cadalzo, 22.

Police found a cellphone at the crime scene which ultimately was examined to Sean Barrette. Police detained Barrette at his parents’ home and have recovered the weapon used in shooting deaths.

Tuesday afternoon observed the two deadly shootings that killed Nicky Roseau, 57and Manuel Caronia 45. Police suspect the reason for killing to be Race but there is no evidence enough yet to prove it.

Furthermore, Barrette is white, and two of the victims were Hispanic and one was white. The New Orleans victim was black. This leads to a keen investigation, which is still in the process, Sean Barrette’s internet history is still to be examined.###


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