Iran Shoots Down US Drone Amongst Tensions

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot US drone on 20 June 2019 while tensions were increasingly patched up between Washington and Tehran for the collapse of nuclear deal sustaining world powers.

According to the reports, Iranian and American officials further claimed where the disputes were still on, for the certain critical situations for the incident.

Moreover, the guard claimed to shoot the drone over Iranian airspace, where two other officials stated that the incident occurred above the international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz, certainly.

These different accounts by different reports could not yet be retaliated and thus, creating an immediately reconcile boredom.

According to the previous reports, US Military also alleged that in the previous week, the state of Iran fired a missile towards another speeding drone while giving a response to the attack on subsequent oil tankers counting as two of them, near the Gulf of Oman.

As a matter of fact, US blames Iran for these concerns, like the attack on ships while Tehran does not admit taking the matter in hand claiming for it, as not being part of the concerned case.

Furthermore, in the current weeks of the session, the US also sped the aircraft carrier to the Mideast while certainly deploying the number of troops to nearly more than 10 thousand located in the region.

Also, as the reports mention, From Yemen, the Houthis declared the initiation of bomb-laden drones towards countries such as Saudi Arabia.###


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