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Trump’s 4 July tanks immediate ‘don’t worry’ advice



The US military has declared Washington DC citizens not to worry if they notice tanks on the roads for President Donald Trump’s Independence Day march.

Minimum of two Bradley armored vehicles and two M1A1 Abrams tanks will be prompted to the center of the US capital for the president’s “Salute to America”.

The National Park Service will eventually bring-in approximately $2.5m (£2m) to meet the expense of the event.

Mr. Trump tweeted his 4 July observance will be “the show of a lifetime”.

What will befall?

Also with tanks, Mr. Trump’s 4 July bash will highlight a military jet flyover, a widespread fireworks show and a speech by the president at the Lincoln Memorial.

While the shielded vehicles were carried from a railyard in south-eastern Washington DC on Tuesday evening, military officials advised residents not to be terrified.

Army Col Sunset Belinsky addressed a regional News associate that citizens of the capital city “will notice the vehicles move through their neighborhoods, but should not be terrified”.

Moreover, Mr. Col Belinsky didn’t reveal where the tanks to be exhibited on the National Mall in the city centre.

“The Pentagon & our fabulous Military Leaders are excited to be performing this,” Mr. Trump responded in a tweet on Tuesday. “Unbelievable Flyovers & most significant Fireworks!”

Still, the weather forecast is bullying to rain on Mr. Trump’s march. Thunders are predicted for afternoon and evening on Thursday.

The show will be open to the public at free of charge, leaving the ticketed space for VIPs facing the Lincoln Memorial.

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