Eros Now, Microsoft To Develop Next-gen Online Video Platform

Nowadays video games are gaining huge popularity and are gaining a wide fanbase. Different companies are trying their hands on this new genre and one of them is Microsoft. Microsoft is planning on joining hands with an Indian company named Eros now and they are going to develop a next-generation online video platform. Eros Now which is an over-the-top video platform has decided to collaborate together and they are going to change the streaming services quality of the company.

The next-generation online video games platform will be on the cloud computing service provider by Microsoft named “Azure”. Eros now is a South Asian entertainment over the top video platform. The company is one stop destination for providing all kinds of entertaining and engaging content.

As the new project will be using Microsoft Azure and Azure media services for the new online video game, Eros now is likely to provide seamless delivery of content.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

In a statement, the CEO of Eros Now said, “The online video market has brought a paradigm shift in the way technology is used and will be used to enhance the customer journey and user experience. We at Eros Now have been the earliest movers in the adoption of technology which is a core strength of the brand.”

Further the Executive Vice President of Microsoft, Peggy Johnson added, “By using our combined expertise across technology and media, we have an opportunity to build on that foundation and re-imagine entertainment for the rapidly growing audience of digitally-connected consumers in India.”###


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