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Mercury is making the rare transit across the sun on Nov 11,2019



Are you a skywatcher? You have a rare sight to visit this week. Yes, we are referring to the rare transit that Mercury will be making across the sun. One of the rarest celestial events it will be witnessed on November 11, 2019.

Photo Credit: NASA

It may be noticed that the event takes place only 13 times in a century and involves the movement of the mercury across the sun’s face. This movement is called Transit, and you should be lucky enough to witness the event this week which can happen only a few times in the lifespan of a skywatcher. The next time you would be able to watch this event would be in 2032. 

You would witness mercury passing between the sun and the earth and the mercury will appear as a small disk or silhouette on the sun’s surface. Of course, it may not be possible to watch this event with naked eyes, but still, you are advised to observe precautionary measures and avoid looking at the sun with naked eyes. 

The last time this event took place was in 2016, and the picture below should give you an insight into what you can expect from the most awaited celestial event.


If you do not have the necessary equipment to watch the event on a personal level, several organisations are gearing up for the live streaming or transaction of the event. Check out your service providers and bookmark them today!

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