Here’s Why iPhone 11 Is The Best $700 Smartphone Apple Has Ever Made

Apple has launched a series of iPhone in its annual event. The three smartphones released by the company are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone XR. People upgrading their iPhones are mostly considering buying iPhone 11 but is it really worth it? Well, let us tell you that the starting range of this latest series is $699 and its the price of iPhone 11. In the article below we are going to list some pros and cons of iPhone 11.

The greatest advantage of an iPhone 11 remains the camera. It is the best iPhone that you can buy for $699 for the camera. It provides you with flexible ultra-wide camera view that you will find too good. As we all know that it has multiple cameras in the back that looks kind of messy but the camera bump will not bother you much. It fits perfectly with the design but it is not really avoidable because after all, it is a bump.


Another pro of this smartphone is the battery. It gives you terrific battery life, however, it comes with 5W charger. Last year Apple released iPhone XR that didn’t receive much positive response from the users. In compared with iPhone XR, iPhone 11 is slightly cheaper and it also offers you first-rate performance.

Coming to the cons, there are hardly any. You will find the screen design not much impressive. Along with the new range of iPhones, Apple also released the operating system, iOS 13 which is installed in iOS 13 which is a little buggy.###


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