Tech Strike: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram gets punched by image jam

With the prevailing glitch, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users won’t be able to upload images, videos, and files.

Facebook, which holds all three apps, said it was conscious of the issue and was “striving to capture things back to order as soon as possible”.

Well, the chief social sites owned by the company, both messaging apps and photo-sharing site Instagram have billions of users.

Many took to compete platform Twitter to highlight the obstacle, with #instagramdown trending on the site.

Further, in March, Facebook and Instagram underwent their largest period of interruption ever. Obstacles also hit both apps also WhatsApp later in April.

Well, the company has 2.3 billion and above monthly active users and Instagram has one billion.

Moreover, Facebook’s Messenger app, which usually is installed individually, is also concerned.



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