Samsung accused over water-resistant phone claims

Samsung is being prosecuted by Australia’s consumer watchdog for ostensibly showing misguiding claims about the water-resistant features of its smartphones.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) affirms Samsung’s adverts composed “misguiding” claims concerning using its phones while swimming and surfing.

The ACCC stated it had analyzed more than 300 Samsung adverts prior to issuing its legal procedure.

Well, the company answered Reuters, that it would defend the case and held by its adverts.

Intense exploration

In its comment, the ACCC told Samsung adverts painted phones being revealed to seawater and swimming pools and insisted that this would not alter the device during its working life.

Furthermore, the company’s advertisements announce its phones have IP68 water resistance, continued the ACCC, this rating does not cover saltwater or that exposed to swimming pools.

Samsung’s own website recommends customers against using the Galaxy S10 in a swimming pool or on the beach, said the consumer watchdog.

The company had not succeeded with full testing to make its advertised claims about the durability of its products, claims the ACCC.

“The company bestowed the Galaxy phones used in conditions they shouldn’t be, to draw customers’ attention,” stated the ACCC.

Well, suppose Samsung is seen blameworthy of defrauding consumers it could meet a large penalty.



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