A New Innovation to Boost the EV Automotive Market

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As the world becomes more and more inclined towards leading the lives in the most sustainable way, the demand for sustainable technology is at its peak and EV Automotive seems a little behind. And this trend is now shaping up the very large automobile industry which is a crucial part of the sustainable movement in motion.

In the future where we see all vehicles running on sustainable energy sources, the only aspect holding back this future coming to reality is the issue of the use of EV batteries, which are known to degrade over time and take up a lot of time to charge. While there is innovation being pushed to overcome these challenges and make the perfectly usable EV available to use. There hasn’t been much done in the field of Battery degradation.

Boost the EV Automotive Market.

This is about to change as a California based start-up has now raised $4 million in funding which is working with German giant BASF SE known in the chemical industry to tackle battery degradation and develop a new technology to change the course of the EV industry forever. Coreshell Technologies aims to do this by changing the way lithium coatings are used in the batteries. They are trying to make it as economic as possible to keep the costs bare minimum.

The batteries used in EVs are mostly Lithium-ion batteries which are quite hard to make and since they degrade over time. They increase the costs of the EVs which is an important factor for the average consumer. Lithium ions move back and forth between electrodes inside the battery to produce energy output required. But as they pass through layers over time, some of the lithium gets stuck, depleting it and making it harder for remaining ions to move back and forth.

Hence causing the degradation of these batteries. With this new technology being developed, the EV Automotive industry is shaping up for a huge nudge.



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