Tech Tent: Jony Ive’s subsequent plan

One person who has transformed the way we recognize the gadgets we use today is Jony Ive.

Presently he is departing from Apple and on this week’s Tech Tent we think his enrichment to the appearance and feel of customer technology.


He was the man, who stood behind the design of the iPhone, the iPod and infinite other i-products was just another young designer at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters when Steve Jobs reverted to the company in 1997.

Wayback, Apple’s computers persisted because of their software. They were the only serious option to the ubiquitous Windows PCs – but their hardware was just as simple.

Mutually, Ive and Jobs developed their first big smash – the iMac, a computer that was both colorful and attractive.

Prof Jeremy Myerson from the Royal College of Art states Jony Ive is to industrial design and computing what David Hockney is to sketch and Christian Dior to trend.

“Well, Prior to Johnny Ive, computers were built of grey plastic or beige, which were poorly built,” he recollects.

“The phenomenon was in everything they could do functionally, not how they perceived emotionally or whichever they viewed like. And Jony Ive swapped all that dramatically.”

Whatever Ive and Jobs bestowed was a fascination with detail – they as well required the inside of a product, veiled to the user, to be compatible with Apple’s design aesthetic.

You can notice that philosophy in the usually-roasted product videos where Ive explains the Apple Watch as “the common individual product we’ve ever made” or raves about the disparity between the iPhone 4’s “textured following and its highly-polished chamfered edge”.

His calm, relatively tranquil voiceovers may have been much taunted, yet Prof Myerson tells every other firm has hastened to emulate Apple’s strategy to technology.

“What he’s accomplished, he’s made it individual, he’s made it fresh, he’s made it winning, and other companies have had no alternative but to dive into that sea.”

Beside many products, it was designed not technology that addressed them winners. Moreover, Apple was not the first club to begin a touchscreen phone or Bluetooth earbuds.

However, the iPhone and the AirPods instantly convinced millions of crowd that this was how they desired a gadget to look and operate.###


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