Android 11 can tell you when your Pixel 4 isn’t placed correctly on a wireless charger

If you own a Pixel 4 already, then you can definitely find this particular feature powered by Android 11, to be extremely useful. The update is for Pixel 4 only now, but the authorities have said to bring the feature to all. 

The particular feature brought by Google will send you alerts if your phone isn’t properly aligned on a wireless charging pad. The feature has only been discovered lately because there have been no previous screening. 

On further inquiry, it came to focus that the feature belongs from 9to5Google’s tests and thus, will only show it’s magic on Google pixel, and Pixel 4 XL right now. 

For now, the feature has been made restricted to only the new models of Google, but probably it will be soon session. 

On testing the 9 to 5 class, you will be alerted by giving a warning of a display saying “realign phone to charge wirelessly” at the end of the screen. However, nothing has yet been said regarding the procedure of detection of the phone alignment. ###


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