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Social Media in the Medical Device Industry – Thematic Research



Social Media in the Medical Device Industry – Thematic Research


Digital technology is continuously becoming more accessible, driving the growth of internet and social media users at about 9% year-over-year. With an estimated 3.4 billion social media users in 2019 (Kemp, 2019), people are turning to social media as a way to connect with one another, form communities, and seek information. Expects that as social media becomes an integral part of people’s lives, it will also become essential in driving the growth of the medical device industry.

This report explores the trends behind social media in the medical device industry, as well as providing an industry analysis on the market and competitive landscape.

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Table of Contents
Industry Analysis
Case Studies
Value Chain
Companies Section
Appendix: Our thematic research methodology


This is a single theme report providing in-house analyst expertise on social media in the medical device industry.

Components of the report include –
– Key Players – identify some of the leading companies in social media, split into key industry layers.
– Trends in social media – identify key trends expected to occur in the social media industry in medical devices over the next 12 to 24 months.
– Industry Analysis – identify the impact of social media across major markets.
– Value Chain – identify the various business segments and markets related to the use of social media in the medical device industry.

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– Develop and design your corporate strategies through an in-house expert analysis of social media and the impact on the medical device industry.
– Develop business strategies by understanding the primary ways in which social media is changing the delivery of healthcare.
– Stay up to date on the industry’s major players in social media and where they sit in the value chain.
– Identify emerging industry trends in social media within the medical device sector to gain a competitive advantage.

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