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Protection of Electronic Health Records – Thematic Research



Protection of Electronic Health Records – Thematic Research


The advancement of health information technology has allowed for the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) in hospitals. While this has the potential to standardize patient data collection, the secure transfer and storage of such sensitive information remains a concern. Despite these challenges, forecasts rapid market growth within this industry, as various governments support the use of electronic records for medical purposes.

This report focuses on the protection of EHRs via technology, as well as covering regulatory mechanisms that have been put in place to better secure patient information.

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This is a single theme report providing in-house analyst expertise on the protection of electronic health records.

Components of the report include –
– Key Players – identify the big players in relation to the electronic health records industry
– Trends in electronic health records – identify key trends expected to occur in the electronic health record industry over the next 12 to 24 months.
– Industry Analysis – identify the impact of electronic health records across major markets.
– Value Chain – identify the various business segments and markets related to the use of electronic health records.

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Reasons to buy

– Develop and design your corporate strategies through an in-house expert analysis of electronic health records and the impact on the healthcare industry.
– Develop business strategies by understanding the primary ways in which the electronic health records technology is changing the delivery of healthcare.
– Stay up to date on the industry’s major players in electronic health records and where they sit in the value chain.
– Identify emerging industry trends in the electronic health records sector to gain a competitive advantage.

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